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Trout Fishing in Wyoming

The upper Green River heads out of the high desert of the Wind River Mountains that lie generally between Pinedale, Wyoming at the south end of the range and Dubois to the North. Much of the area is protected as National Forests or Wilderness; so, it hasn't really changed much since early trappers traveled Union Pass between Pinedale and Dubois to sell their hides and participate in the "rendezvous" of those times. The vistas are spectacular, wildlife is abundant and the trout fishing is outstanding.

The Green river is rich and full of aquatic insects and the trout that eat them and their artificial imitations. We typically float the Green one day with local guides casting to rising big browns and rainbows. Four days are then spent wading the many other area streams that still support native cutthroats as they have for eons. Some smaller streams, especially in their upper reaches, are full of brook trout eager to rise to an artificial dry fly. The fishing in all streams is spectacular. Virtually every pool, seam and pocket holds fish and they will be rising as you fish your way upstream. Casting dry flies to rising trout is the venue and the fishing is as traditional as fly-fishing can get.

Accommodations for the week are a private log home up the Green River Valley with all the comforts that are appreciated at the end of each day. Meals are prepared at the cabin with the exception of lunches that are eaten where they should be…on the stream. One other thing you'll notice is that the only other fishermen you'll likely see the entire week are your fishing buddies. It's seldom we see other fishermen on the streams we fish. You should consider joining us on this wonderful fly-fishing adventure!

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