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Wacissa River

The Wacissa River heads out of underground springs just south of the little community of Wacissa and flows southward through "Hells Half Acre" and merges with the Aucilla River at "Goose Pasture" approximately 9 miles to the south. Springs feed this wide shallow river from the headwaters and from many other springs that rise along its entire length. The Wacissa is crystal clear and beautiful. It supports a diverse aquatic plant community from cypress shoreline to shoreline, an abundant fishery and it is especially rich in bird life and other animals that include river otters that are seen quite commonly. Although, the river is not tidal, it does connect to the Gulf after merging with the Aucilla River and saltwater fish species, such as mullet are seen along its entire length, jumping as they do, but more often in the talons of ospreys that are also abundant along with virtually every species of water bird common to the Big Bend of Florida.

One of the more interesting characteristics of the river though is that its water temperatures seldom drop below 65 degrees, even during the winter, due to the influence of its water source from the many underground springs. The result is that the fish are active and come to the artificial fly year around. I actually have fished this river in the middle of the winter with ice forming in the guides on my rod and measured water temperatures in the mid-60s.

The spotted sunfish or "Stumpknocker" is the most common sunfish occurring in the Wacissa, but red-breast and bluegill sunfish also are caught. Crappie and golden shiners are occasionally taken. But, this river is typical habitat of the Suwannee bass. The Wacissa bass is a relative of the large and smallmouth bass, but typically occurs in the clear, relatively shallow and flowing rivers of the Big Bend of Florida that eventually meet with the Gulf of Mexico.

The Wacissa River is a must venue if you wish to add the Suwannee bass and Stump Knocker to your species list. I usually fish the river from a canoe and fish either at first light of morning or evening till dark and generally have the river to myself. That is with the exception of the bird life, especially early of morning. I fish with a three weight fly rod and fish a variety of fly patterns, including the Western Coachman for bream. I fish one of my streamer patterns I named the "Wacissa" after the river and tie especially for the Suwannee bass. You'll not fish another river like the Wacissa.

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