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April 2019

Patagonia Rainbow

January 2020

Florida Largemouth Bass

April 2020

The Wacissa Moth
  • Thread: Black Danville's 6/0
  • Hook: Daiichi 1270 or 2220, #10-14
  • Tail: Bleached elk hair or white deer body hair
  • Abdomen: Blue dun or white, Super Fine, Dry Fly Dubbing w/gold wire rib
  • Thorax: Red, Super Fine Dubbing
  • Hackle: Whiting silver badger, palmered over thorax and abdomen
  • Wing: White deer hair
  • Head: Whiting silver badger hackle over black, Super Fine Dubbing.

Tying the Wacissa Moth as follows:

1. Tie in black thread behind hook eye and wrap back to mid-point; tie in gold wire rib and continue wrapping thread back to point of shank above hook barb. Thread should hang to hook barb.

2. Tie in Elk or white deer hair tail at point above hook bard. Length should be shank length with 1/3 as tail behind rear tie in point and 2/3 tied in loosely on top of rear 2/3 of hook shank.

3. Dub abdomen to mid-point of hook shank and dub thorax from abdomen to 1/3 shank length behind hook eye. Thorax may be dubbed same color as abdomen as option

4. Tie hackle under hook shank in front of thorax with three forward and three rearward thread wraps. Wrap two turns of hackle back and in front of thorax and then palmer hackle back (first palmer wrap should cross through middle of bottom of thorax) to hook bard with last turn of hackle wrapped over top and above hook barb. Tie off hackle with two turns of gold wire, palmer gold wire forward and in opposite direction of hackle and tie off in front of thorax. Barbs of hackle palmered over thorax and abdomen should be gap length.

5. Tie in stacked white deer hair as down-wing. Length should not extend past hook bend.

6. Tie in hackle under head and at tie in point of down-wing with thread wraps to eye and back to hackle tie in point. Dub head lightly to three thread wraps from hook eye. Make three more thread wraps to hook eye and back three wraps to rear of head. Thread should be hanging three thread wraps behind hook eye. Hackle should be 1.5 times gap width.

7. Wrap hackle two turns in front of down-wing, palmer hackle forward to thread (rear of head). Tie off hackle with three thread wraps to hook eye and three wraps rearward to back of head, then whip finish head to hook eye and add cement of choice.

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