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Lessons Rates

Fly Tying Lessons

Fly tying lessons may be taught to one or more students. Classes generally will be for a two hour period and may be taught as a single class or in a series of up to six classes. Students must provide their own tying vise and other tools, but tying materials will be provided. Patterns taught will be selected to provide students a variety of fundamental tying techniques, including thread control, for broad applications. Experienced students may request specific patterns for instruction. Instructions will also include discussions of materials options and availability to assist students in their selection and purchase of materials most relevant to their tying interests.

Two hour class - $65 (fees will be adjusted for multiple students and classes)

Fly Casting Lessons

Fly casting lesson may be taught to one or up to six students. Classes generally will be for a one and a half hour period for single students, unless requested otherwise. Classes taught for multiple students generally will be taught for a three hour period. Classes will emphasize proper fundamentals of fly casting for practical application unless special instruction is requested. Students must provide their own fly rods and equipment.

One and a half hour classes - $65 (fees will be adjusted for multiple students)

Guided Fishing Rates

Warm Water Fishing in Tallahassee Area

Fly fishing opportunities will be provided individual fly fishermen at a lake or river venue of their choice dependent upon their fishing interests and species of interest. Fishing may be scheduled for mornings are evenings. Morning fishing will begin before first light and continue approximately 3 hours. Evening fishing will begin approximately two hours before sunset and end generally at dark. Boat, life jacket, drinks, snacks and flies will be provided; fisherman must provide their own fishing license, fly rod and other equipment, including sunscreen and insect repellant. Flies with barbless hooks (provided) must be fished; catch and release generally is recommended.

Morning and evening fishing venues - $175/one rod - $275/two rods

Wyoming Trip 2021

I will be making another great fly fishing trip to the Pinedale and upper Green River areas of Wyoming during August 2020. The trip is scheduled to arrive in Jackson Hole on August 2 for five days of guided dry fly fishing and return to Florida on August 8. The upper Green River Valley where we will spend the week in a fully equipped cabin that sits overlooking the Green River is a 90 minute drive from Jackson. One day will be reserved for wade fishing the Green from our cabin property or to float the Green with local guides. All guests caught plenty of large brown and rainbow trout on dry patterns in 2019. We will wade-fish local streams the other four days, experiencing some of the most classic dry fly fishing for cutthroat and brook trout that will be as good as it gets. One of those days will involve hiking into the Gros Ventre Wilderness to fish dry flies to rising cutthroats in the upper Gros Ventre River. The scenery will be spectacular and the fish we catch definitely will be memorable. We seldom see other fishermen on these streams; it sometimes is as though our flies are the first these fish have ever seen. All streams we fish and the surrounding landscapes are beautiful and we'll see moose, mule deer, antelope and other wildlife that includes three species of grouse, eagles and many other western birds and small mammals. The trip for 2020 is already fully booked, but I can accommodate up to four fly fishers on the trip in 2021.

The trip will cost approximately $1,600 (based on 4 rods) per fisherman for 6 nights lodging, 5 days of fly fishing that includes guides and boats for the float trip on the Green River, food for the week and transportation from time of arrival to departure. Give it some thought…this will be a fly fishing adventure you'll enjoy the rest of your life.

Flies & Tying Instructions

Here you will find a collection of our favorite fly patterns. You can learn more about each of these fly patterns in our Fly Tying Lessons.
Fishing Venues

These are some of our favorite places to fish. Learn more about Lake Miccosukee, Lake Hall, Lake Talquin, the St. Marks River, and more.
Fly Tying & Casting Lessons

Learn the techniques that are used for fly-tying by the professionals. We'll show you how to prepare before heading out to the river.

Articles written and published by Tom Logan and other expert fly fishermen. Includes fly tying and casting tips.

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