Now is the Perfect Time for Fly Casting and Tying Lessons

By Tom Logan, IFFF Certified Casting Instructor

Winter has arrived and unless you've been fishing for black crappie at Lake Miccosukee, fishing for our other warm water fishes in the Tallahassee area will remain slow until temperatures warm by early spring. This is not the time to leave your fly rod in the corner thought. This is a perfect time to improve your casting skills or learn to cast a fly rod for the first time. Fly casting, like other sports activities, is best started with a few lessons to avoid developing serious bad habits and to ensure you learn and enjoy fly casting with the proper methods. So, whether you're an experienced fly caster that may have developed a problem with your fly casting or you want to learn to cast a fly rod and begin enjoying the fantastic fly fishing we have in the Tallahassee area, do consider a lesson. I can assure you that you will be more satisfied with your learning and performance. An understanding of equipment is an important factor for beginning fly casters. Therefore, fly rod, reel and other gear will be a topic of the first ,lesson. I have extra fly rods you can use; so, please wait to purchase your first fly rod until we have discussed these things.

Catching fish on a fly rod is an experience for sure, but if you want to take that enjoyment to higher level, catch that fish on a fly you have tied at your own vise. Better yet, catch in on a historic pattern that was first tied perhaps 400 years ago and is now only available to fish if you tie the pattern yourself. Consider taking the fly tying lessons we offer, and learn about the vise that may best suit your needs; learn about threads, hooks and natural materials you'll need for the flies you want to tie, and learn to tie with proper methods that will make you proud of your flies.

Whether you're interested is casting or fly tying or both, give me a call at 850-212-5396 or send me an email at to schedule your first lesson. We also have gift certificates that are perfect for giving a lesson to someone you know. So, schedule a lesson now and enjoy your fly fishing more, whether in north Florida or on a special fishing trip away from home.

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