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Lake Miccosukee

Lake Miccosukee is one of my favorite fishing venues in the Tallahassee area. Miccosukee is a large, natural prairie lake of approximately 6,200 acres just 30 minutes east of Tallahassee near the community of Miccosukee. It is a relatively shallow lake that is controlled by a sink hole on the north end; the lake flows underground at its southern end eventually into the St. Marks River several miles to the south. Much of the lake is dominated with dense, floating water lotus (called "bonnets" by the locals) interspersed with floating islands that support scrub communities and many areas of open water that is rich with aquatic organisms…natural fish food.

The bird life is rich on Miccosukee and the lake has historically been a popular duck hunting venue for local hunters. Huge alligators are abundant and commonly heard bellowing during mating season. The lake though is best known for its bream fishery.

The bluegills I catch here are typically huge, dark and often marked with a copper band across the top of their heads…often called "copper heads" but much more fun to catch than the reptile of similar name. I also catch another sunfish referred to as "flyers" for the length of their fins, and these too are the largest I have seen from north Florida lakes. I too catch largemouth bass, warmouth sunfish and the occasional redear sunfish.

Large golden shiners are common in the lake and these too are fun to catch off the fly.

All species are caught on hand-tied dry and historic wet patters on light fly rods (3 wt preference), often with impressive success. You must fish Lake Miccosukee if you love catching big bluegills with the added variety of other species!

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