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The Klinkhamer Special

The Klinkhamer Special is an emerger pattern tied that was designed by Hans van Klinken of Holland in 1984 for taking trout and grayling in European streams. The pattern is tied with a parachute wing on a hook of a particular curved design that allows the abdomen to hang downward into the water column as the parachute wing sits on the surface film. It likely imitates a caddis or mayfly life form that has just emerged to the surface ready to molt as an adult dun. It is an easy fly to see with its white wing post and therefore is easy to fish to rising trout. I was first introduced to the pattern by a Smoky Mountain fly fisherman in the mid-1990s who claimed that it was the only patter he fished. It is not the only pattern I fish, but it definitely is one that I always have in my fly box as a top selection when I fish western streams for all species of trout. The pattern can be tied in a variety of abdomen and hackle colors. The parachute style of hackling requires some practice, but it is a pattern that can be mastered and should be in every fly box.

  • Hook: Daiichi 1160/1167 light wire Klinkhamer in size 10-14
  • Thread: Danville 6/0 or Gudebrod 8/0 in appropriate color
  • Abdomen: Super Fine dubbing of selected color
  • Thorax: One or two peacock herls
  • Wing Post: White Polypro Yarn or Para Post Wing
  • Hackle: Whiting dry fly hackle in Coachman Brown, Grizzly or Dun
  • Note: Select materials in your choice of colors and substitute materials may be used for the abdomen and thorax (H. van Klinkin. The Real Klinkhamer. Fly Tyer, Spring 2014).

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