Suwannee Bass

December 2017

St Marks Redbreast

May 2018

Miccosukee Morning

June 2018

Tom Logan Reelected as Chairman of the BOD for Fly Fishers International

March 2019

Tom Logan was reelected for a 3-year term as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the “Fly Fishers International” at its annual meeting in August 2018. Fly Fishers International is an organization specifically dedicated to preserve fly fishing opportunities around the world for all fish in all waters. We do this for our fly fishing community through our expanding conservation work and excellence in all aspects of fly fishing from fly tying, to casting, conservation, on the water safety and fishing ethics and understanding fish habitats and foods. Visit for more information and to join this important organization. Mr. Logan also continues to serve as a Senior Conservation Advisor.

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