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»   Tom Logan featured in Emerald Coast Article
      › From: Emerald Coast Magazine
»   Improve Your Enjoyment of Fly Fishing
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   FFI Public Lands Policy
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Forking Tails
      › Author: Wayne Luallen
»   Threads and Thread Twist
      › Author: Wayne Luallen
»   Reverse Jam Hitch
      › Author: Wayne Luallen
»   The Nature of Feather Construction
      › Author: Wayne Luallen
»   IFFF Natural Materials Policy, Flyfisher, Summer 2015
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Glues, Solvents, and other chemicals for Fly Tying/Fishing
      › Author: Craig Smothers
»   Tom in Whiting Newsletter - June 2013
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Fly Fisher Article 2013-2014
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Dry Flies to Rising Trout in Wyoming, July 09
      › Author: Tom Logan
      › Photos: Donna Luallen
»   Using Denier to Standardize Fly Tying Thread
      › Author: Christopher Helm
»   Fly Fishing the High Sierras October 2011
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Fundamental Concept - Essentials for Casting the Fly Rod
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Elements to Keep In Mind for Distance Cast
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Fundamentals of a Straight-line Cast
      › Author: Dusty Sprague
»   Laws and Fly Tying Materials
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Materials Presentation Outline
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   A Trout's Diet - The Mayfly
      › From: The English Fly Fishing Shop
»   The Western Coachman
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   The Western Coachman – Notes on Its History and Lineage
      › Author: Tom Logan
»   Western Hairflies
      › From: Field & Stream Magazine, March 1954, pages 100-103
      › Author: Wayne "Buz" Buszek
»   So Where Are The Fish?
      › Author: Richard Rohrbaugh
»   When Buz Wuz…
      › From: The Valley Voice Newspaper

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Here you will find a collection of our favorite fly patterns. You can learn more about each of these fly patterns in our Fly Tying Lessons.
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Articles written and published by Tom Logan and other expert fly fishermen. Includes fly tying and casting tips.

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