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Tom H. Logan - Owner/Operator

Tom H. Logan is a retired certified wildlife biologist from Tallahassee, Florida who specialized for more than 45 professional years in the research, recovery and management of threatened and endangered wildlife species. He enjoys tying classic trout patterns and fishing them for southern bream and bass in his home waters, as well as for trout in the Smoky Mountains, Sierras and other streams of the western United States. He also ties Atlantic salmon flies, but has a special interest in tying historic and modern soft-hackles and other wet patterns. Tom teaches fly tying classes in Tallahassee, has taught tying workshops at shows and conclaves of the International Federation of Fly fishers (IFFF) and demonstrates fly tying at several IFFF Council events each year. He also has presented programs on the Laws Pertaining to the Possession and Transportation of Natural Fly Tying Materials. The Southeast Council of the IFFF awarded him as the “2004 Tyer of the Year”, and he received the “Silver King Award” from the IFFF in Septermber 2013. Tom is a life member of the IFFF and an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor. He serves as Vice President of Conservation for the Florida Council of the IFFF and is a Senior Advisor to the Conservation Committee of the IFFF and serves as Chairman of the IFFF Fly Tying Group Board of Governors. Tom also is a member of the Whiting Farms Pro Team and the Angler’s Sport Group Pro Team for Daiichi Hooks. He is the creator and manager of North Florida Fly Fishing Adventures and School dedicated to teach fly tying, casting and fishing activities that enhance the fly-fishing experience for anglers who fish with the artificial fly. His website is

Fly Tying Lessons
Two hour class - $45 (fees will be adjusted for multiple students and classes)

Fly Casting Lessons
One and a half hour classes - $45 (fees will be adjusted for multiple students)

Warm Water Fishing in Tallahassee Area
Morning and evening fishing venues - $150

Trout Fishing in Wyoming 2018
Complete trip, excluding air travel - $1,750 per rod (includes lodging, transportation, food and Green River float trip)

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Favorite Fly Patterns

We all have favorites, here are a few of ours.

»   The Western Coachman

Flies & Tying Instructions

Here you will find a collection of our favorite fly patterns. You can learn more about each of these fly patterns in our Fly Tying Lessons.
Fishing Venues

These are some of our favorite places to fish. Learn more about Lake Miccosukee, Lake Hall, Lake Talquin, the St. Marks River, and more.
Fly Tying & Casting Lessons

Learn the techniques that are used for fly-tying by the professionals. We'll show you how to prepare before heading out to the river.

Articles written and published by Tom Logan and other expert fly fishermen. Includes fly tying and casting tips.

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