Suwannee Bass

December 2017

St Marks Redbreast

May 2018

Miccosukee Morning

June 2018


Local Fishing, Trip Updates & Other News

Check here for latest information on lake and river condidtions, guided fly fishing, current fishing activities, new fly patterns and planned fishing trips.

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»   FFI Climate Change Policy

Fly Tying & Casting Lessons –
Fishing Trips

Our lessons and outings are designed to teach you the fundamentals of fly-fishing. Trip prices exclude travel expenses/airfare.

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»   Fly Fishers International

»   Angler Sport Group

»   Whiting Fly Tying Feathers

»   Wilkinson Fly Fishing

Purpose & Goal

North Florida Fly Fishing Adventures and School

North Florida Fly Fishing Adventures and School provides special guided fly fishing trips for bream, bass in the Tallahassee area and trout in Wyoming. We’re dedicated to providing and teaching activities that enhance and support the fly fishing experience for anglers that fish with the artificial fly. Our purpose recognizes that conservation of our wetland and fishery resources is fundamental to our present and future angling experiences as fly fishers. Fly Fishing Adventures also recognizes that our enjoyment of fly fishing can be enhanced by improving our understanding and application of fly casting methods, fly selections and being more knowledgeable of the many fly fishing opportunities that occur in our home waters. We offer classes, programs and lectures on fly tying, casting, conservation and fishing. We also provide opportunities on the water to improve and enjoy the fly-fishing experience. Guided fishing trips are offered in the Tallahassee area and in Wyoming. Mr. Tom H. Logan is Director of Fly-fishing Adventures and a life member of the Fly Fishers International (FFI). Mr. Logan is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and published fly tier, has taught fly tying locally and at regional and international shows of FFI and is an FFI Certified Casting Instructor. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Senior Advisor on Conservation for FFI.

Our goal is to provide you a unique fly fishing adventure.

Flies & Tying Instructions

Here you will find a collection of our favorite fly patterns. You can learn more about each of these fly patterns in our Fly Tying Lessons.
Fishing Venues

These are some of our favorite places to fish. Learn more about Lake Miccosukee, Lake Hall, Lake Talquin, the St. Marks River, and more.
Fly Tying & Casting Lessons

Learn the techniques that are used for fly-tying by the professionals. We'll show you how to prepare before heading out to the river.

Articles written and published by Tom Logan and other expert fly fishermen. Includes fly tying and casting tips.

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